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To transform lives by helping people exceed their physical and mental limitations and surpass their strength, movement, and energy goals.

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To change the way people exercise and inspire a healthy, energetic, and happy lifestyle.

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About Heather

Heather Pugh, Founder of the REFORM Method

Heather Pugh, Founder of the REFORM Method


More than 20 years ago, performance coach and movement educator Heather Pugh noticed an alarming trend: because of increasingly busy lives, people had less time to devote to fitness than ever before, but the best full-body workouts weren’t getting shorter. The result was people dropping classes, skipping workouts, getting injured, or giving up on fitness altogether.

Heather Pugh, a self-described health and fitness warrior who has worked in rehabilitation for 13 years, decided to reverse that trend. She gathered a team of fitness experts and set out to create a full-body workout that even the busiest person could fit into their schedule. After years of research and testing, they created the REFORM Method, the ultimate 25-minute workout.

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