5 surprising effects of not exercising

“Too much to do, too little time.”

We hear it over and over—because it’s true. The combined effect of sedentary jobs with frantic lives in which we feel we should pack 27 hours into a 24-hour day is having an impact—and it’s not pretty.
  • Men who sit for more than six hours a day are 90 per cent more likely to feel depressed (according to an Australian Government study of 3,300 workers).
  • A German meta-analysis found that the more you sit, the greater your risk of a host of cancers, including colon, endometrial and lung cancer.
  • The more lounging, the greater your risk of dementia. (according to a study of 1600 adults in research published by the Journal of Alzheimer’s Research).
  • The less action in the gym, the less action in the bedroom. A Harvard University study found that men with a waist 42-inches or more were twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction.
  • No workout, no sleep. A study published in Mental Health and Physical Activity discovered that if you exercise vigorously, you’re nearly twice as likely to sleep better.
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